Background Edit

Special Abilities Edit



Move List Edit

Normals Edit

5A 150 Dmg 70%

2A 100 Dmg 70%

jA 150 Dmg 80%

5B 300 Dmg 80% 

2B 400 Dmg 70%

jB 400 Dmg 80%

5C 600 Dmg 90%

2C 600 Dmg 65%

jC 600 Dmg 100%

Command NormalsEdit

Roundhouse Kick


6A 700 Dmg 70%(uncharged)

6A 800 Dmg 70%(charged)

Specials Edit

Heita Vulcan

214A 200 Dmg 4 hits?%

Heita Missile

236C 400+600 Dmg 2 hits 100%

Heita Copter

623C 300+150 Dmg 8 hits 100% (Air Ok)

Heita Collider

421C 200xN Dmg 100% (Can Hold C Button)

Heita Boost

41236A 700 Dmg 60% (Air Ok)

Supers Edit

Full Fire!!

236D 500 Dmg 6 hits 100%Edit

Big Bang Break Edit

Bomber Attack!

41236+ABC 100+6000 Dmg (1801) ?%(In Big Bang Mode)

General Strategies Edit

Combos Edit

Big Bang Beat

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