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Special Abilities Edit



Move List Edit

Normals Edit


- Short range slap


- Slap to the knee

- hits mid


- Jumping palm attack


- straight punch

- jump cancellable on hit or block


- downward fist attack

- hits twice while opponent is standing, once while opponent is crouching

- hits mid


- Zangief's body splash

- very small crossup range


- Hassan Chop

- hits twice regardless if opponent is standing or crouching

- jump cancellable on hit or block


- crouching uppercut

- launches

- jump cancellable


- jumping double kick

- wallbounces on airborne opponent

Command NormalsEdit


- downward fist attack

- moves Sanzou forward

- combos into 2C launcher if Sanzou ends up point blank after the attack

Specials Edit

Command Run (236A)

- has one hit of super armor

Command Run > Stop (236A > A)

- Sanzou stops running and hops a short distance forward

Command Run > Uppercut (236A > B/C)

- Sanzou performs an anti-air uppercut

- air unblockable

- has one hit of super armor

Ground Pound (22A/B/C)

- Sanzou raises one foot and pounds it into the ground

- A version has short range and cannot be followed up

- B version has short range but launches the opponent high enough to follow up

- C version has fullscreen range, but it only launches high enough for a followup at close range

Command Grab (63214A)

- Sanzou rears back for a moment then grabs his opponent and tosses them into the air

- unblockable

- launches opponent for a followup combo of choice

- does no damage on its own but still affects damage proration

- can be cancelled from normals for tick throws

Big Fist (63214C during blockstun)

- Sanzou rears back for a moment and then punches his opponent

- wallbounces on hit

- Essentially a meterless B Counter, and invaluable to his defensive game

Supers Edit

Aegis Reflector (41236D)

- Sanzou pulls out two defiblerators and sends out a shockwave

- Shockwave covers the height of the screen

- Sanzou recovers before the shockwave dissipates, so followup combos on hit are possible

Super Ground Pound (63214D)

- Sanzou performs a ground pound and follows up with a big fist

- wallbounces on hit

- combos from 5C at close range

Tactics Edit

General Strategies Edit

Combos Edit

For most of these combos, you need to be fairly close to do it.


5B > 5C (2 hits) > 6B > 22B > 5B > j.B > j.C

After this you can use 41236A to chase them down.


5B > 5C (2 hits) > 6B > 22B > 5B > j.B > j.C > 623C > 5B > 5C

Big Bang Beat

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